In the beginning of my career, the dog that influenced me the most would have to be "Ch Skylines Blue Spruce" bred and owned by Mrs. Carol Parker. He greatly appealed to my artistic side. He had wonderful proportions, a rather long neck and head and a beautiful dark salt and pepper color. It was my good fortune to have Carol as a mentor to me in my early years. She gave me such a firm foundation of knowledge, I honestly don't think I could have possibly come so far without her help and guidance.

The first show dog I ever handled to her championship was a bitch I bought from Carol, "Ch Skyline's Sally Forth", but it was my second bitch, "Jana PD" who would begin the Regency legacy. PD was a small dark colored bitch with a pedigree that included the top winning dogs of the day, from the "Mankit" branch of Miniature Schnauzers. I bred "PD" to "Blue Spruce" 3 times and that cross produced 6 Champions, thus, my start. From there I went on to create a line of Miniature Schnauzer with a distinctive look of its own, a look I called "Regency".