We are expecting a salt & pepper litter in the Spring of 2016. See our Facebook page for updates

To begin with, we are not "commercial-type breeders" of Miniature Schnauzers. We breed mainly in hopes of bettering the quality and health of the breed and finding a suitable puppy to show and continue my lines, or to sell to another show breeder.  Therefore we do not 'always' have puppies available.

We will breed a litter in order to protect or advance Miniature Schnauzers and hope that there will be at least one of them to do that. We begin looking for that 'special' dog at 8 weeks of age, then again at 12 weeks, 4 months and 6 months. While the litter is growing up, all of the puppies are treated as 'special'.  When evaluating a puppy for show potential, we not only consider the puppy's physical conformation, but also his personality. We look for and attempt to breed for intelligent, confident, happy, trusting and out-going dogs. We do not want to see shyness, aloofness. or aggression. In other words, we want all the same characteristics that you should be looking for in a treasured family companion. Often, at the 8 or 12 week or even the 4 month evaluation, we will find one or more puppies that may eventually be either too big or too small to be considered a show potential, or perhaps the way their teeth meet is not perfect, or some conformation that only a Breeder would notice that would deem that particular puppy not the best 'show prospect'. Because we are choosing puppies for show that must "measure up" to specific physical standards, we evaluate them critically, often passing on a puppy for reasons that most pet owners would never notice. It is because of this critical evaluation that most breeders like us are pleased to find one in a litter that is good enough to show. This in turn results in the very best quality pet puppies you could possibly find.

Our pet puppies are sold only on a spay/neuter contract: this means that you must agree to spay a female or neuter a male. Ears may be cropped - or not - as the client chooses, however should you choose to not crop your puppy, We can not be responsible for the way they may look at adulthood (see page regarding uncropped ears). Regency also provides a five year health guarantee against any life-threatening hereditary defect.

Because we do not always have puppies, we suggest you come to our Kennel to look at our dogs and see how they are raised. If you like what you see, we will ask for a deposit and your name will be placed on a waiting list for the first available pet-quality puppy. We purposely do not keep long waiting lists and your deposit will be refunded if a puppy is unavailable within six months. (However, most clients do not have to wait that long.)

Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Occasionally we will have a puppy available that has not been promised - or perhaps an older puppy (under a year) originally intended for showing but have decided not to keep.



Just a note regarding EARS...We can sell you a puppy with either cropped or proper uncropped ears. While all puppies look darling with their ears uncropped, not all of them will end up attractive at adulthood. Sometimes the ears are set very low on the head and will produce a 'sad' look, sometimes the ears are very big and will produce a hound look. The cartilage in the ears will strengthen during the time of teething and it is then that they may start to lift, resulting in either one or both standing straight up. None of these looks are attractive and are definitely not the sharp attentive look indicative of the breed. While we can give you our 'best guess' as to the eventual look of your puppy's uncropped ears, we cannot guarantee that they will end up the way you want them to.


What your un-cropped ears can look like





Proper un-cropped ears