Older Pets


Please refer to my article "THE JOY OF LEFTOVERS" on the Publications page.

I would like all of the dogs here to have a "Forever Home", someplace where they are the only dog and will receive lots of human affection and attention.  I feel that having given to me their time becoming a Champion and the offspring they deliver, I owe them that much.  Most often, after I have bred a female for the last time I will begin to look for the perfect forever home for her.  The price is minimal and I will have them spayed before they leave here.  They are usually between 4-6 years old.  My very first Miniature Schnauzer was 3 years old when she came to us, within a week she acted like she had been born and raised in our home, they adjust so well because they are such 'people pleasers'.  These are very special animals, if you are interested in one of our older dogs, please let me know.

I also sometimes have an older puppy, anywhere from 4 months to one year old.  This would be a dog that I had kept with the intention of showing them, but for one reason or another, changed my mind.  Naturally, these are beautiful dogs, and they also have had all of their shots and have been crate and lead trained.