Show Dogs For Sale

In every breed of dog, there is a written Standard of perfection.  We, as breeders try our best to come as close to this Standard as we can.  A pictorial of our Official Standard can be found on our Club website,  This is a wonderful site to visit, with lots of useful information.

Occasionally  I will have a 'special' dog for sale to a 'show home' only.  What that means is that the Buyer is willing and able to show this dog to his AKC Championship. Very often, that will require a contract/agreement between us.  I do not sell a 'show dog' to anyone without first being very sure that this animal has the attributes to become a Champion.  Every dog that enters the ring with a Regency prefix is a testament to my breeding program, I am proud of them all.  I began as an Owner-Handler and I would encourage anyone with a talent for showing to show their own dog.  I usually have an agreement with that person that gives them a reasonable amount of time to obtain 7 points.  If for any reason, they cannot do that then I ask that a Professional Handler is hired.  The agreements I use are all different, designed to meet the individual needs and expectations of both Buyer and Seller.  In order to protect and advance this wonderful breed, it is important that we encourage and help all new Show Owners, and to mentor them as long as they desire.

The age of any 'show dog' will be anywhere from 4 months to 1 1/2 years of age.  I do not sell a show dog under that age, as sometimes what looks promising at 8 weeks, does not hold those same characteristics at 4 months or adulthood. There is also the issue of adult size, with many male Minis growing over the 14-inch maximum.

I will try to update this page with information on the dogs currently offered for sale, however, if nothing is posted here, please give me a call to inquire about any possible 'Show Dogs" for sale.